SBU CONSULTANTS CC is a management consulting that specialises in business growth and operations improvement. The wide range of tools and product offering is available to business and entrepreneurs for building their new ventures, improving business processes and turning around under performing entities. It assist entities in strategy formulation, business process engineering, quality system management, systems development and business intelligence.  

SBU CONSULTANTS CC publishes and produces The Business Architecture multimedia magazine. It describes and critically analyses designs of societies, enterprises, business processes and technological systems. The magazine is preoccupied with structure and form of things. It engages the internal and external structural design as much as confronts their environment.  

The Business Architecture is targeting the inquisitive mind. It is a platform for confronting false perceptions, expose misinformation and challenge mistaken ideas about structure of commerce . There are articles, comments and episodes in magazine that dare to question business assumptions that are generally accepted as the absolute truth.

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