Many developing and underdeveloped countries are suffering from the brain drain phenomenon. African countries in particular are loosing people with technical qualifications and experience that have been acquired through enormous public funds. It is worth noting that macroeconomic factors and political dynamics are widely mentioned while micro-economic factors remain hidden on the blind spot of social commentary. It is at micro-economic level where factors such as white supremacy, foolishness and leadership ineptitude are conspicuously glaring.

European descendants in Africa are radically opposed to follow African leadership. Their conviction to white supremacy presumptions compel them to emigrate rather that submitting to African majority rule. They cannot allow affirmative action to compromise their integrity. Their racist ideological obsession will not let them accept supervision and management by a ‘kaffir’.

It is without fear of contradiction to pronounce that emigration of these people does not translate to brain drain as most of them are merely highly glorified clerks. They have held technical positions for a long time but do not necessary possess technical skills. The real technical skills claimed by emigrants and real work experience are held by some unrecognized African worker on the shop-floor. These white supremacists have not been working. They have been maintaining the parasitic relationship with African labour. The statistics of failed emigration or return from overseas voyage confirm inability to perform real work.

Foolishness is highly prevalent among Africans holding certificates and degrees. The reason for this is that African governments expanded colonial education instead of reviewing it. Post colonial education system in Africa is still promoting white supremacy thus failing to remove foolishness from an African child. Foolishness is being commonly defined as a lack of capacity to consider facts, analyze information and make a proper judgment. This foolishness manifests itself through a value system of extreme love for money, mercenary mentality, overindulgence on entertainment and extreme selfishness.

African professionals leave their countries with the illusion that they will make it big financially without considering the cost of living in the host country. This result in failure to escape the rat race, retarding their technical competency growth in the process and kills any potential to leave a legacy. It is silly for a doctor from Africa to move to be a waiter in some European village in name of making more money. This has great devastation on African taxpayers’ education and training investment made on these intellectually underdeveloped professionals.

Brain drain trends are further driven by poor workplace leadership. Good leadership seeks success from the environment rather from the blood of their followers. The majority of workplace leaders are incompetent but workplace culture allows them to abuse their positions to shift blame to their subordinate. Management decision, process of decision making and communication of decision are biggest destroyers of morale in the workplace.

Improvement of productivity is a function of management not workers. Workplace productivity is not about working harder but rather is about working smarter. The design of work environment, allocation of resources and choice of technology are at the core of process that improves workplace productivity. The work environment in Africa is very harsh, job security is low, proper working tools are not available and working hours are long yet remuneration is low. It results in low quality of life for the worker while the capitalist sucks their blood dry.

Africa needs diverse set of skills to propel highly required for economic and social development. Workplace leaders need to shape up, socialisation processes like education need to be Africanised, raise national consciousness and adopt collective approach to ownership of means of production whereas white supremacy must be totally crushed to realise total emancipation.

By Sbusiso Xaba